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You don't have to be extreme just consistant.

​Caroline Curry PT in Dorridge - With over 10 year experience ​Caroline Curry PT helps you reach your fitness goals with a combination of free weight, functional, resistance, mobility & body work equipment.

Personal Trainer in Dorridge/Warwickshire

As a personal trainer with many years of experience, I know that everybody’s goals and motivations are different. It is therefore my aim to create personal training sessions that are developed around your individual needs and put together specific training plans designed to help you to meet your goals realistically and efficiently. 

Exercise Plans Tailored To Your Needs

So, what are your reasons for wanting to find a personal trainer in Dorridge/Warwickshire? During my time in this industry, I have helped my clients to achieve a variety of goals relating to cardiovascular fitness, weight loss, muscle building, strength gain, mobility & flexibility, postural correction and sports-specific training. I am capable of working in a range of different styles of exercise and for varying lengths of time to ensure you realise each and every one of your outcomes, however big or small they may be.


Perhaps you’ve chosen to enlist a personal trainer in Dorridge/Warwickshire as part of an ongoing lifestyle change and you need some support in putting together an exercise plan that is appropriate to your requirements. Having a personal trainer is a great option for getting things started. Even the fittest athletes benefit from 1-1 coaching and rely on professionals like me to help them to reach their potential every single day.

Helping You To Reach The Next Level

Investing in a personal trainer will keep you motivated, excited to learn new exercises and open you up to challenges that you’d never set for yourself. But if this all seems daunting, then don’t worry, I am committed to working in a way that allows you to unlock your highest potential, regardless of your age, ability or level of experience. Sessions will be centred around your requirements and put together with your goals in mind. If there are particular areas you’d like to work on, just let me know and I will incorporate these into your session.

The Best Personal Trainer In Dorridge/Warwickshire

I didn’t become one of the most respected personal trainers in Dorridge/Warwickshire without first honing my craft. As a gymnast, I learnt the fundamentals of body conditioning at an early age and became adept in specific intense conditioning exercises to improve my skills, enhance my body tension and correct any imbalances that were affecting my ability to perform.


From here, I moved on to strength training and, in college, I started weight and powerlifting. It was during this time that I perfected a range of weightlifting techniques and discovered how they could be used not only to power up, but to prevent injury too. These things laid the foundation for me becoming a personal trainer

A Range Of Training Options

Drawing on my experience in weight lifting and as a gymnast when delivering personal training courses has enabled me to become hugely successful in my chosen discipline. Clients who take advantage of my services can benefit from coaching in the practices listed above, as well as kettlebell training, cardiovascular training and so much more. 


Are you ready to take up the challenge? Contact me to book your free personal training consultation today.



Client for 3 years

"Having played rugby for years but never been a 'gym goer', I was really hesitant about personal training. I've found it challenging, enjoyable, and exhausting!"


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