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Pre and Post natal training is an fast developing part to most womens pregnancy journey these days. Whether it’s carrying on with your regular exercise Routine and adapting as the pregnancy develops, or starting a new fitness routine once becoming pregnant to help with a happy healthy pregnancy. 

My Experience

I have worked with many of my existing clients through their pre pregnancy, during pregnancy and post pregnancy

I have also taken on new clients who have been recommended by friends or family at the start of their pregnancy who have done very little exercise prior to getting pregnant and want to keep mobile, strong and healthy during their journey. 

It’s is so important to keep moving and mobile as well as strengthening then muscles especially in a womens back, upper body and lower body during pregnancy.   Ensuing you are lifting equipment safely, placing your body in the correct positioning is essential which is why having a personal training is a perfect investment alongside your pregnancy. 


Client for 3 years

"Having played rugby for years but never been a 'gym goer', I was really hesitant about personal training. I've found it challenging, enjoyable, and exhausting!"


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