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Reaching your goals doesn’t have to be an individual pursuit. If you’re committed to boosting your cardiovascular fitness, building muscle, improving mobility & flexibility, losing weight or any number of other fitness outcomes, but would prefer not to do so alone, I offer a variety of partner & small group sessions to suit your needs.
Cross Fit Class

It Can Be Better Training Together

If you and a partner enjoy working out together, or you’ve set a joint fitness challenge, my partner sessions are the perfect way to help you have fun, develop new skills and accomplish your goals. Even though you may think that these personal training sessions will be different, they are, in fact, just as effective as those conducted on a 1-1 basis. 


For some people, having a partner alongside them and in their corner can be just the motivation they need to achieve their true potential and meet their desired outcomes.

Working Towards A Collective Goal

In addition to partner sessions, I also offer personal training in groups. This approach has proven to be very popular, as it enables my clients to work towards a collective goal and offer support to each other at every step of the way.


My group sessions come in many different forms and can be adapted to meet all of your specific requirements. Whether you want to train with your partner, friend, children, people you know or people you don’t, just let me know and I will put together a plan just for you.


Working Towards A Collective Goal

As mentioned elsewhere, I specialise in a variety of personal training disciplines and can tailor my sessions to reflect your individual and/or group goals. 


These include:

  • Cardiovascular workouts to test your cardio fitness, using techniques such as metcon (metabolic conditioning) training, boxing, varied intensity intervals, kettlebell complexes and so much more.

  • Training for those with existing injuries to help improve strength, range of movement and confidence in problem areas.

  • Injury prevention techniques to develop your knowledge of what to do to avoid getting hurt in the future. 

  • Online personal training for those who don’t live in the Warwickshire area or can’t make a commitment to regular in-person sessions.


Book In Today

To find out more about any of the group options listed above, book your free personal training consultation today.


Client for 3 years

"Having played rugby for years but never been a 'gym goer', I was really hesitant about personal training. I've found it challenging, enjoyable, and exhausting!"


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