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Over my 10 years as a personal trainer, I have become widely recognised for the quality of the sports development and coaching sessions I offer to clients based in Warwick, Rowington, Coventry, Stratford, Leamington Spa and many other locations in and around the Warwickshire area.

Gymnastics Coaching

As someone with 14 years of experience as a professional gymnast, and having competed at national, county and regional level in this field, it will come as no surprise to you that I specialise in gymnastics coaching. In addition to the time I’ve spent on the mat, I am also a qualified Level 1 & 2 Artistic British Gymnastics Coach and have been coaching competitive gymnasts for over 8 years.

My expert knowledge of gymnastics enables me to enhance my clients’ skills in this discipline and propel them to much higher standards of practice. Throughout my time as a coach, I have successfully improved all of the gymnasts I have worked with in 1-1 sessions and, in many cases, helped them to achieve advanced skills far beyond their initial goals.


Sports-Specific Coaching

In addition to gymnastics training, I also offer sports development and coaching in Warwick for those looking to improve in many other sports. This is achieved by employing a variety of methods to boost overall performance, including strength and weight training, cardiovascular training, kettlebell training and so much more. 


Regardless of the skills covered in these sessions, two things always remain the same: clients will enjoy a noticeable development in their abilities AND experience a vast improvement in their confidence.

Are You Interested In Sports Development And Coaching In Warwick?

I am always on the lookout for new clients who feel that they would benefit from sports development and coaching sessions in Warwick. Whether you’re a gymnast who wants to strengthen your capabilities, or you require specific training to augment your overall performance in a wide range of sports, I can put together a comprehensive training plan designed to take you to the very next level.




Client for 2 years

"Having played rugby for years but never been a 'gym goer', I was really hesitant about personal training. I've found it challenging, enjoyable, and exhausting!"

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